Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Couple new things

I have recently been in somewhat of an artistic rut, so I have been focusing on some non artistic stuff and not done much with my blog. I do however have a couple new things that im posting despite them not being finished. I bought a new Wacom tablet hopeing to give myself a boost and get back into painting, and it does seemed to have helped. I get in these ruts now and then and just have to pretty much wait it out. I usually just sketch to keep things rolling and eventually It passes. Its like artistic constipation. And sketching is a high fiber cereal. And non artistic stuff is like an herbal laxative that my Aunt recommended but really isnt working that well. And im just waiting for that "cork to pop" to find out that the sketching really was helping in the background and all of this creativity is going to spill out and make a big mess. But a good mess.....figuratively speaking.